Our Doctors

The veterinary specialists at WestVet are highly trained, compassionate experts in their respective fields. Not only have the doctors published numerous articles in professional veterinary journals, many of them  provide lectures and continuing education seminars to family veterinarians and other specialists in local, national, and sometimes international veterinary forums.

The incredible team at WestVet 24 Hour Animal Emergency and Specialty Center provides the highest level of veterinary care in southwestern Idaho and the surrounding region.

Our veterinary specialists work closely with referring veterinarians and owners to provide the most appropriate diagnostic and treatment plan for your pet. Just as in human medicine, the expertise of our specialists complements that of your family veterinarian. You may be referred to a veterinary specialist if diagnosing or treating your pet's health problem requires specialized equipment and/or expertise that your veterinarian does not have. Our doctors will remain in close contact with your veterinarian, providing updates by phone or by sending a typed report of the diagnostic tests and treatments performed.