Resources for Pet Owners

Local Pet Friendly Hotels

With the link above you may download a list of Treasure Valley hotels with contact information.

Boise Pet Friendly Taxi Services

Boise City Taxi   208.377.3333

Quick Cab  208.880.8881

Checker Cab  208.703.5583

Local Animal Rescue and Shelters

Thinking about adopting a Shelter or Rescue Pet? We have a blog post with many tips and considerations you may read HERE.

Theses Treasure Valley organizations offer adoptions for cats only:

​Pet Insurance

Pets Best Insurance is a Boise-based company that provides excellent coverage for your furry family member. You may receive a discount on services by following the link: HERE

Area Dog Park/Off Leash Parks

With the link above you may access a current list of Dog parks in the Treasure Valley. WestVet 24 hour animal emergency veterinary hospital offers after hours care to Idaho pet owners.