Boise Idaho Animal Emegerncy After Hours Hospital, open 365 days a year, 24/7 veterinarianWestVet 24 Hour Animal Emergency & Specialty Center now provides critical care transportation for patients. The transport vehicle is an ambulance that has been modified and equipped to ensure that critically ill or injured pets receive the necessary medical treatment and monitoring while being transferred to our animal hospital for ongoing care.

During transfer, patients will be directly monitored and treated by an accompanying veterinary technician. The interior of the ambulance has been modified to secure pet carriers, stretchers, and a gurney. We can provide oxygen therapy through direct mask, nasal, and chamber methods. IV fluid therapy and blood administration can be started and/or maintained during transport and a circulating warm air blanket (bair-hugger) is also available for hypothermic patients.

The WestVet animal ambulance is used to transport critical patients from referring veterinary clinics to our animal hospital. For example, post-operative cases or medically ill patients that require overnight monitoring and treatment could be transferred using this critical care transport service.

Critical care transportation services are offered  Monday through Friday, 5 PM to 8 PM, based on availability. Referring veterinarians should contact WestVet at 375-1600 by 4 PM weekdays to schedule a transfer.

Fees for the transport service are based on the distance from WestVet to your hospital.